OMG Shrimp Attack is one of the proud establishments by the leading HKT Venture Sdn Bhd (a company headquartered in Northern Malaysia). Established since November 2019, we specialised in the trading and distributing of imported and local frozen freshwater and saltwater seafood (such as fish, crab, shellfish etc.), wholesaling and retailing to restaurants and households across the whole Straits of Melacca in Peninsula Malaysia. You may click here to get our products.

OMG Shrimp Attack aims to provide all Malaysian with the convenient and effective way to enjoy utmost fresh, tasty , and most affordable seafood. Our company follows strict control in every stage of product processing, from selecting, sanitizing, vacuum packing to blast freezing to ensure optimum product quality. All our products are certified to have passed inspections in meeting food safety standards.

Originally set to market our products via freshly baked and sold locally to satisfy consumer demands, the company has adjusted its marketing method to online order and home delivery due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic to allow consumers to enjoy the premium seafood at home. 

OMG Shrimp Attack first introduces Jumbo Freshwater Prawn, the popular River Prawn, directly imported from Thailand. Being the highlight of our company, this product shares the status of crab due to its rich, creamy, and flavourful delicacy found in its head.


To continue serving our satisfied customers with our quality products, OMG Shrimp Attack promises to continue expanding its variety of seafood choices and meeting the different needs with specially chosen convenient packing.


Below is example of dishes can make from Jumbo Freshwater Prawn. To get the recipe, you may visit here




OMG虾来击,是 HKT Venture Sdn Bhd 旗下的其中一个品牌和项目。公司总部设于马来西亚半岛北部,是国内首屈一指的冷冻水产代理商。OMG虾来击成立于2019年11月,主要从事贸易及代理各类进口及本地冷冻的淡水及咸水产物,如虾、鱼、蟹、贝,供家庭及餐厅以零售及批发的方式采购。可以按这里查看我们其他产品

OMG虾来击的宗旨是透过最方便、快捷、有效的方式,让广大的大马民众以最大众化的价格享用最新鲜美味的各累水产品。为了保持产品的新鲜度,本公司时时跟进需求,严管产品品质。从成立初期的普通原子袋包装到真空包装,所有产品均经过严选、消毒,以及在通过重金属检验之后迅速冷冻,以保存食品的最佳风味。因此,OMG 虾来击拥有各种认证证书,确保销到全马各地的河、海鲜,都符合安全食用的标准。

原先打算以现烤现卖为营销方式,但为了配合新冠病毒肆虐期间民众减少外出,本公司顺应需求为家庭提供网购及宅配服务,让消费者在家即能享用OMG 虾来击的优质水产品。

OMG虾来击成立第一炮即引进了泰国的独特品种 – 大头虾。这种可媲美螃蟹的虾种,以剥开虾头即看见满满的虾黄,一吮就欲罢不能的鲜、甘、醇闻名,是OMG虾来击的重头戏。




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